Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lauderdale Barn in Hernando on Snow Day

The old family barn behind my house. Just wanted to share this. I used to play in this barn growing up. It is now very old and is not a working barn, like it once was. It is still very special and something I love to look at out my back door everyday.

Snow Day #2

We actually got snow this time!! Eason did not play in it too much. Call me a crazy mom, but I was worried about her running nose and cough. We sure did have a good time off. Sam Dorris came over, and we danced! Imangine that-my daughter was the DJ and Sam was the dancer. We did take her picture in the snow!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sunday School Sip N See

Thank you to our wonderful Sunday School class at Hernando United Methodist Church! They had a Sip N See for Eason and another child that arrived within the last year for our "sunday school family". It was a very special day to be with our sweet new friend Colette and to be with those that prayed so hard for baby Eason! We are so blessed!